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Client Testimonials





I want to thank you for taking the time to come to Chicago and share with my team knowledge that you have gained throughout your vast career. Your ability to present your material in a logical, thought provoking manner was appreciated and well received. Based on the feedback I received from my team after you left, you have made quite an impression on all those in attendance.


Laurent C. Lutz

General Counsel and Secretary

Bearing Point

Chicago, Illinois


I want to express my deep appreciation for your excellent presentation to our annual Corporate Governance and Investigations SBU luncheon. . I have received a great deal of positive feedback on both your presentation and your article, and I think everyone enjoyed the talk. You have a very relaxed and confident style that encourages audience participation, and I think everyone felt that the conversation was lively and that we all learned something to take back to our practices with us. I hope we can stay in touch and perhaps have the opportunity to work together on a matter at some time in the future.


W. Warren Hamel


Venable LLP

Baltimore, Maryland 


Tad Howard made a very interesting and provocative presentation to an interdisciplinary group of attorneys, economists, accountants, and specialists at our firm, His examples drew on actual case studies and were clearly and crisply presented. Although this particular audience was experienced and sophisticated with respect to the subject, much of what Tad presented was new to us and stimulated a lively discussion. I recommend this presentation for professionals interested in improving their ability to detect misleading elements in company financial reports.


Tom Howell


Dewey Ballantine LLP

Washington, DC


The session was very thought provoking and informative. I thought you did a terrific job making us all more aware of the creativity of those in the financial and accounting worlds. I hope that we will be able to work with you in the future.


Richard L. Wasserman


Venable LLP

Baltimore, Maryland


I wanted to write to thank you for providing your very informative and provocative seminar. The session was well attended, and those attendees with whom I spoke thought the seminar was well-structured, well-presented and insightful. They especially appreciated the many examples of financial wrongdoing…as well as your tips on how to identify them and deal with them when identified. I am sure that many of my colleagues will be calling you to seek your assistance in identifying, analyzing and preventing financial wrongdoings.


Michael K. Wyatt


Hogan & Hartson

Washington, DC


You provided a thought-provoking perspective on topical and important accounting issues, and your examples made the subject matter more accessible to an audience representing a range of the firm’s practice areas and level of accounting expertise. Thanks again for an informative and enjoyable program.


Amy L. Goodman


Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP

Washington, DC


Thank you for your very enlightening and informative presentation to our litigation attorneys on the ways that clever CFO’s have manipulated corporate financial statements. You not only demonstrated an in-depth command of accounting/financial matters but, more importantly, conveyed an intimate understanding of the underlying dynamics disguised in the financial statements. My partners and I look forward to engaging your services when we need a financial expert to work with us in fathoming financial transactions and statements.


Kenneth E. Krosin


Foley & Lardner

Washington, DC


Thank you for your time and first class presentation. I spoke to people after the seminar and received extremely positive comments, including many superlatives from a CPA and a Venture Capitalist who attended. I have organized and participated in many seminars over the past five years as Chairman or co-chair of the BADC law committee, and your presentation certainly stands out as one of the best. It was both instructive and enjoyable.


David T. Shaheen


Burk & Reedy LLP

Chairman, Corporate Law Committee

Bar Association of the District of Columbia


Clearly, the types of real-life examples that you provided to our attorneys allowed even those less familiar with accounting to appreciate the potential pitfalls that can face clients and lawyers. You were able to share your knowledge and expertise with us in an organized and informative, yet entertaining, manner. I think that everyone  -  whether litigator, tax specialist, international trade lawyer, etc.  -  learned something useful from your presentation. Indeed, your presentation led me to the conclusion that it would be beneficial to work with you in the future.



Alice A. Kipel


Steptoe & Johnson LLP

Washington, DC


Your presentation was informative, entertaining and thought provoking.  It was especially helpful for some of our attorneys who do not have formal training in the financial statements arena. Your high profile company examples made the subject matter more tangible and easier to relate to from a legal perspective. It is apparent from the written evaluations that this seminar was beneficial to our attorneys and staff.


Rick L. Burdick


Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP

Washington, DC


Many thanks for spending your valuable time sharing with us the basics of accounting. You really make accounting rules something that almost seems impossible: a funny, lively topic of discussion. I got tons of positive comments from my colleagues.


John Berlau

Fellow in Economic Policy

Competitive Enterprise Institute

Washington, DC


We enjoyed your topical, lively and informative seminar. It hit upon accounting details unfamiliar to many lawyers. Your references to high profile cases and your fast paced presentation filled with real-world examples made it useful without being dry. Both our first year associates and more experienced lawyers came away with fresh insights as well as new applications of familiar principles.


James E. Gauch


Jones Day

Washington. DC


The array of true-life examples of accounting shenanigans by prominent companies you described took your presentation out of the ordinary and made it easier for participants to absorb some of the accounting basics. Your experience as a chief financial officer gives you both insight and credibility.


Russell H. Carpenter, Jr.


Covington & Burling

Washington, DC


I am writing to thank you for the cogent and informative presentation you made to some of our lawyers on the timely subject of forensic accounting and the manipulation of financial statements. It is rare to receive practical, informed guidance on how to look for the trouble spots in financial statements. Please feel free to use this letter as one of enthusiastic recommendation to other law firms which might be considering having you come to make a similar presentation to them.


Eric L. Bernthal


Latham & Watkins

Washington, DC


You provided a thought-provoking perspective on topical and important corporate accounting issues. Your presentation was readily accessible to a group representing a range of the firm’s practice areas and little accounting expertise. Thank you for an informative and enjoyable program.


Catherine S. Bardsley


Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Nicholson Graham LLP

Washington, DC


Attorneys, like other gatekeepers in the post-Enron world, must become attuned to questionable accounting and earnings manipulations. Your program conveyed useful, real-world examples of how “accurate” accounting information can actually distort economic reality. Healthy skepticism about reported earnings (as well as audit opinions) helps lawyers both serve our clients better and protect ourselves from liability. Your program teaches pragmatic lessons that we want our attorneys to bring to bear in their daily practice.


John S. Mitchell, Jr.


Williams Mullen

Washington, DC


I am writing to thank you for teaching your course on May 1, 2006. Your service as a faculty member of Reed Smith University has enabled others within the firm to develop the skills they need in order to be successful. We hope that your experience was personally satisfying and that you will participate in future courses.


John F. Smith, III


Reed Smith University

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


This is extremely important information for working attorneys, particularly members of the profession who have not had formal accounting and economics training in school. The emphasis on real-life problems caused and experienced by some of the nation’s largest corporations over the past ten years makes the material hard-hitting. It’s particularly relevant for any attorney working with or against corporations, both large and small. Let me know when you think a “refresher” course would be useful.


Nicholas P. Miller


Miller & Van Eaton

Washington, DC


You were terrific this afternoon. I thought your presentation was substantive, informative, entertaining, and really useful. Great job!


Anne E. Linton, Esq.


Washington Federal Strategies

Chevy Chase, Maryland


Your presentation was very helpful to our staff to become familiar with the Sarbanes-Oxley legislation and how it affects our company. Your review of the main points will help everyone understand the sound business reasons for adopting good business practices. Thank you again for an informative and interesting presentation!


Nancy Kline Leidy PhD

President & CEO

The MEDTAP Institute at UBC

Bethesda, MD


Excellent piece of work. A perfectly simple guide for a layman like me. You have the gift of making the complex understandable.


Jack McLean

Sydney Associates

Washington, DC







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