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The essence of insight is simplicity


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Extensive experience with a wide range of companies suggests that simple solutions are usually far more powerful than approaches that overly complicate a situation.  The added advantage of a straight-forward solution is that it increases the likelihood that a change will be implemented. 

Management of Nassau Financial has decades of experience in industries as diverse as biotechnology, professional services and retail. Geographically, assignments have taken the company to Europe, Asia and North America. 

The emphasis in consulting engagements focuses on the following: 

      Profit improvement

      Business plans

      Venture capital

      M&A due diligence

      Review of SBIC performance

      Interim CFO positions 
The company also provides financial seminars that have the broad objective of explaining financial and accounting information to attorneys and upper level managers not fully conversant with these topics. Again, the objective is to take seemingly complex issues and make them intelligible to those who are not directly involved with accounting/financial information.



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